Delivery and Payment Conditions

1. All prices are to be read as net prices without any deductions. In case of delayed payment the respective bank rates are calculated.

2. The animals remain the property of the seller until the full payment is made. However, the buyer bears the risk from the time of delivery.

3. The parties agree that the animals are not to maintain the economic activity of the buyer.

4. In case of exchange or check payment, the ownership of the seller remains until the complete bill of exchange or checks of the sold animals and animal breeding is paid. Exchange interest rates and charges are to be borne by the buyer.

Conditions of use for the cattle market

By completing and sending the sales form, there is no commitment for anyone: The vendor is not obliged to provide and sell the actual goods at the named conditions; the P. Maat GmbH is not obliged to purchase the cattle offered. This is because: The form is not a contract.

It is only the non-binding exchange of information between the vendor and the P. Maat GmbH.